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Why Clean Water Tank?

water tank cleaning in Qatar


If your plant has tanks that store product, residual waste, or other waste liquids, you must clean them regularly to maintain the tank capacity and compliance with regulatory standards. Emerald, a company known for its capacity to handle a variety of industrial residual waste, provides high-quality and effective industrial tank cleaning services.

Our specialists can remove and clean the most challenging material and residue from the inside of any size tank. We use a combination of our high-pressure techniques and years of experience to deliver outstanding results. Pressures varying from 5000psi to 40000psi are used in our commercial/industrial tank cleaning services in order to ensure the efficiency and cleanliness of the tanks. We’ve invested time, money, and effort to ensure that our highly educated professionals can remove all forms of residue from your tank’s inner walls and bottom, including silicone, sludge, glue, and even solidified concrete.

Water Tank Cleaning
Water Tank Cleaning

Our team includes limited space professionals in addition to various water tank cleaning specialists. To ensure that your industrial water tank cleaning services are completed as securely as possible, our restricted space professionals are trained in confined space entry and rescue. Holding safety as the number one priority, Emerald will make your project a safe and event-free success.

Water Tank Cleaning
Water Tank Cleaning
Why do people choose us?
  • Responsive and reassuring
  • Quality standard
  • Accredited by the Legionella Control Association
  • The dedicated account management team
Our Specialities
  • We provide chemical and bacteria tests of potable water on behalf of Gulf Labs.
  • Our unit follows the standard dress code for drinking water tank cleaning, including hairnet, gloves, waterproof coats/shoes, and masks.
What is involved during cleaning &  disinfection?
  1. Cleaning of Surroundings
  2.  De-watering
  3.  Sludge Removal
  4.  Scrubbing
  5.  High-Pressure Water Jet Cleaning
  6.  Vacuum Cleaning
  7.  Disinfection treatment Spray
Concrete Water tank Cleaning Service in Qatar
Concrete Water tank Cleaning Service in Qatar

Why is it important to keep a clean water tank?

  • Contaminated water is the leading cause of sickness in people.
  • 80% of all illnesses in the world are caused by contaminated water.
  • Cholera, typhoid fever, diarrhea, hepatitis, legionellosis, and other diseases can be prevented by drinking clean water.
  • A routine inspection shows that untreated tanks are at risk of developing animal contamination, biofilm, corrosion, flora growth, sediment, and stagnant water.
  • If the system, or a portion of it, has been significantly altered or entered for maintenance or remediation, this could lead to contamination.



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