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    Emerald provides an upholstery cleaning service that can restore the beauty of your sofa and curtains. Our expert technicians will keep your Sofa looking great by brightening the fabric color and removing those niggling spots and stains.

    We have an expert Steam Cleaning facility with chemicals that can easily extend the life of your furniture by smoothing it and removing any stains as effectively as possible. Our upholstery cleaning service in Qatar is strong enough to remove even the toughest stains, gentle enough not to damage your sofas during the drying process, and safe for your entire family. We work on-site to meet all your cleaning needs and minimize inconvenience.

    We always wash rugs, but we also provide services such as fabric curtain washing as part of our hard floor cleaning and sofa cleaning are at two different ends of the cleaning spectrum. However, at Emerald Cleaning we cover everything to deliver the optimum overall result and impact for your home.

    Upholstery Steam Cleaning
    Upholstery Steam Cleaning in Qatar

    Steam Cleaning and its Benefits

    • Reduced Allergens
    • Eliminate Skin Irritation
    • Stain Removal

    • Less embarrassment
    • Odor removal

    As we have exceptionally high standards, we guarantee that our professionals will clean your upholstery to your complete satisfaction. Kids, dogs, and visitors can all put a strain on it. You might not recognize it as much as your guests, but all that wear and tear, grime, stains, and maybe even odors like cigarette smoke, food, child, and pet smells can impact your enjoyment of your home. We all want to feel refreshed and healthy in our own lives, and our homes and workplaces are extensions of ourselves, so they deserve it too! Why not try our services to see how we can bring a new lease of life into your home? Our company has been running for over 10 years and we are considered one of the excellent cleaning companies in the area, and we’ll take care of everything!

    Refresh Your Upholstered Chairs, Sofas and Furniture Today!

    So, are you tired of staring at your obviously used couches? Coffee splatters, shoe stains, and grime on the upholstered chairs? Many people, especially in the current economy, are unable to go out on a whim and buy new furniture.
    Emerald Qatar is here to satisfy your demands, whether you need sofa cleaning, Steam cleaning, or expert mattress cleaning. For maximum convenience, we come to you and can clean everything inside your home or workplace.

    We have built a loyal customer base by treating them and their belongings respectfully. What’s more, we’ve worked hard to make sure we get the job done better than anyone else can. If you are looking for professional upholstery steam cleaning or sofa cleaning, We are sure you will be thrilled with your fantastic, clean furniture. Book Today on WhatsApp


    Frequently Asked Questions

    Emerald Qatar technicians clean furniture of all types and shapes: sofas, sofa-beds, sectional sofas, couches, armchairs, recliners, dining/accent/office chairs, ottomans, poufs, loveseats, bean bags, chaise lounges, car seats, cushions, etc.

    We clean both natural (plant-based and animal-based) and synthetic (artificial) fabrics: wool, leather (real, aniline, nubuck, suede, bonded, faux), corduroy, silk, velour, linen, certain cotton blends, microfiber, nylon, acrylic, acetate, etc.

    Because of COVID-19, everyone’s main focus is health and safety, which includes sanitizing. We’ll use an EPA-registered disinfectant to reduce mildew, bacteria, and viruses, as well as deodorize and protect your upholstery from everything dangerous and filthy. Our foggers will reach every nook and corner, leaving nothing but freshness behind.

    No. After it has been professionally cleaned, the upholstery should dry first. The dry-out process can take around 4 to 6 hours. Ask our professionals on-site for more accurate information and guidance.

    Yes, we clean upholstery for both residential and commercial clients. To meet all of your cleaning needs, we have commercial-grade powerful cleaning machinery as well as qualified, experienced, and trained staff.

    Various stains will require different techniques. Some stains can be cleaned with simple steam washing, but others will require more thorough cleaning and more powerful cleaning solutions.



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