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Emerald Cleaning Services is proud to be the best local cleaning, maintenance, and restoration company in Doha, Qatar. As a team of professionals, we are uncompromisingly committed to providing the very best services for residential, commercial, and construction properties in the local area. By using the latest technologies for all of our clients, we are immensely proud to be leading the way compared to other cleaning company teams in Doha, Qatar.

Our excellence in both the cleaning and maintenance/restoration fields has made us one of the most trusted companies locally; our dedication to quality services is unparalleled. Moreover, our passion and attention to detail differentiate us from other service providers and make us the best cleaning, restoration, and maintenance company in Qatar.

We pride ourselves on providing leading solutions for our customers and cherish the fact that the vast majority of our work comes from either repeat business or referrals from our satisfied clients. This shows how many people trust our cleaning, maintenance, and restoration company for their projects in Doha, Qatar, and we’re confident you’ll see why as well.


Emerald strives to provide the highest quality cleaning, maintenance, and restoration services with value-for-money pricing. As the best local cleaning and maintenance company in Doha, Qatar, we constantly aspire to meet or exceed our clients’ needs and expectations. Therefore, our vision is that we will be the number one choice: we are determined to hear every residential or commercial client express just how wonderful their property looks after we’ve helped.

As such, whether our clients need general cleaning and maintenance support or emergency restoration services, we envision that each experience will exceed their expectations. Every client should feel that they are the most important person in the room during their encounter with our company representatives. Clients will hear and believe in our professional cleaning and maintenance company’s sincere desire to serve every Qatar resident. Moreover, we envision clients will have a clear understanding of the services they receive based upon thorough explanations from company representatives.

Finally, clients should always clearly understand our pricing structure and should be able to see that our value-for-money is based upon fair market cost strategies and research. With this in mind, clients will feel confident that their concerns are acknowledged, addressed, and resolved in a fair and mutually agreeable manner. Finally, our vision is for clients to have an excellent experience every time; as such, they should be confident to recommend our cleaning and maintenance company to their family, friends, and colleagues in Doha, Qatar with confidence and trust.


Our mission is to provide the most comprehensive residential, commercial, and construction cleaning and maintenance services for every one of our company’s Qatar-based clients. With our mission in mind, we only ever hire fully-trained employees and use the best cleaning aids, technologies, and methods to delight our customers every time.



  • Be consistent with excellence.
  • Be professional.
  • Be accountable regarding resource utilization.
  • Be creative and innovative.
  • Ensure quality service delivery and customer service.


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