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HVAC Duct Cleaning

HVAC Duct Cleaning

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Emerald Cleaning provides professional air duct cleaning, dryer vent cleaning, and more to residential and commercial properties.  Emerald Cleaning delivers top quality results, and has the highest standard of customer satisfaction in the industry. Our highly trained technicians have the skill and experience to tackle any residential and commercial HVAC duct work or ventilation cleaning project.

Air Duct Cleaning for Commercial

  • Restore Air Conditioner Performance with Commercial Duct Cleaners
  • Improve Air Handler Unit Filtering with Commercial Exhaust Cleaning Service
  • Prevent Mold Buildup with Commercial Interior Duct Insulation Coatings
  • Be More Energy Efficient at Every Location with Our Duct Cleaners

Air Duct Cleaning for Residential

  • Creates a cleaner living environment
  • Reduces allergens & irritants
  • Help everyone breathe easier
  • Removes unpleasant smells and odours
  • Improves air flow efficiency

Benefits of Air Duct Cleaning

  • Schools

    + Longer HVAC System Life

    + Better Learning Environments

    + Natural Air Circulation

    + Daily HVAC Savings 

    + Less Energy Costs

  • Hospitals : Dangers of pushing off hospitals air duct cleaning

    + Mold Circulation

    + Spread of Bacteria

    + Dust Buildup

    + Increased Contamination

    + Higher HVAC Costs

  • Offices

    + Every 3-5 Years – Recommended by NADCA for home and business owners

    + When Moving into a New Home – Unless the previous homeowner had ductwork done in the past 3 years

    + After a Construction Project – Due to sawdust and other materials spread throughout the home

    + If You Own a Pet – Fur and dander buildup is prevented by frequent air duct cleaning

Our Speciality


HVAC Concept

Robotic Machine Details

LIFA Special Cleaner 20 / 25 Multi Index Brushing Machine


LIFA SC20 / SC25 Multi is an electrically operated brushing machine for ventilation ducts. These brushing machines are designed for the cleaning of small and medium sized, round and rectangular shaped air ventilation ducts. The length of the cleaning shaft is 20 meters (66 ft., SC20) or 25 meters (82 ft., SC25 Multi), so it can be used in cleaning up to 35 m (115 ft., SC20) or 46 m (151 ft., SC25 Multi) of ventilation duct when accessed in one duct access door to both directions. The speciality of LIFA SC20 is its small size and user friendliness, especially in tight and cramped places. Due to its small size, it can also be packed and transported very easily. The speciality of LIFA SC25 Multi is its wide range of different sized nozzles which can be used to spray air, liquids and foam.

Professional’s first choice for small (SC20: Ø100–400 (4–16”)) and medium sized (SC25 Multi: Ø250–800 mm (10–31,5”)) ducts. In addition, LIFA SC25 Multi can also be used in grease duct cleaning up to 60 cm duct diameter or duct height. LIFA SC20 is not suitable for grease duct
• Operation radius 18 meters (60 ft., SC20) or 23 meters (75 ft., SC25 Multi).
• Rotating speed can be adjusted from 225–570 rpm with a frequency converter.
• Mechanically directed rotating direction to clockwise and counter clockwise.
• The brushed off debris is removed by sucking it to a negative air vacuum, such as a LIFA Hepa Clean 1100, 2500, 4000 or LIFA Air Clean 3500 negative air machine unit (accessory).

The mechanical centering device for the brush is available as accessory for the LIFA Special Cleaner brushing machine. The centering device helps to push the brush in the duct and centers the brush in the duct so that the brush can reach all parts of the duct.

Operating Principles



Before beginning the work, check the duct work with a) LIFA Duct Control (accessory)equipment and choose the suitable b) brushes and nozzles based on the size and construction of the duct as well as the composition of the removable dirt.

• Before beginning the work, check the duct work channel network with LIFA Duct Control (accessory) camera inspection equipment. There may be air volume controllers, noise silencers, fire dampers etc. that can be damaged
during the work.
• In large rectangular ducts, there might be supporter poles inside the duct. Use extra care, when dealing with ducts equipped with supporters. When cleaning large rectangular or round ducts the use of LIFA centering device (accessory) is highly recommended.
• Place the machine in a firm position.
• Choose a right sized brush (depending on the size of the duct). Make sure that the brush isn’t too small or big for the duct that is going to be cleaned. LIFA SC25 Multi: Nylon grease / Tynex brushes are meant for cleaning the
grease ducts. The combination brushes are meant to use only in grease duct cleaning.
• LIFA SC25 Multi: If the purpose is to spray coating or disinfectant into the duct at same time, place an air hose with compressed air or low-pressure air sprayer into the machine depending on the purpose of use. Choose a correct nozzle (check the accessory list).
• Make sure that the working area is cleared and there are no extra
• Ensure that all the employees performing the work have adequate protective equipment.
• Make sure that there is enough low negative pressure in the channel network and that LIFA Hepa Clean or LIFA Air Clean negative pressure unit (NPU) is installed correctly. The brushed off debris is removed by sucking it to the NPU.
• Connect the machine into an electrical network.
• It is recommended to connect an additional grounding wire between the brushing machine and air duct.
• Place the brush inside the ventilation duct that is going to be cleaned.

• When the operator who is feeding the shaft into the duct gives a permission to start the machine, the machine can be started.
• When the shaft is being fed to the duct sharp angles and screws etc. that can damage the shaft must be beware of.
• Adjust the rotating speed of the brush. Note that when cleaning “soft” ducts (with insulation inside) the rotating  speed should be much lower than in normal ducts. Too high a rotation speed may damage the duct board surface.
• The brush must be rotated to clockwise and counter clockwise evenly (50/50). Use both rotating directions to achieve the best cleaning result. In rectangular ducts, it may be required to clean one side first (with rotating the brush in one direction only) and after that another side.
• Feed the shaft evenly into the duct without excessive force. The use of excessive force may harm the duct, machine or brush and influence on the cleaning result. Always insert the shaft gently and smoothly into the duct work, to prevent the brush from ‘jumping’ and leaving unclean spots into the duct.
• It is also advised to use the-one-and only specially designed centering device and/or shaft holder by LIFA in big ducts and/or when full rotation speed is being used.

GREASE DUCTS: LIFA Special Cleaner 25 Multi may be used for grease duct cleanings. Please ask us more about our grease removal concept!

LIFA Hepa Clean 2500 / 4000

LIFA HC2500/HC4000 is designed for filtering / cleaning of airborne pollutants, such as building construction dust, pulverized asbestos, quartz, mill and wood dust etc. that forms in new and renovation buildings.
• Airflow linearly adjustable until 2500 m3/h (1470 CFM) for HC2500 and 4600 m3/h (2700 CFM) for HC4000 (max air flows w/o filters)
• Durable construction for professional use
• Operates in a single-phase current (1~) 200-277 VAC, 50/60 Hz (100-120 VAC also available)
• Negative pressure in rooms or HVAC air ducts
• Wide range of fine and HEPA-filters available
Note: There is an 8 second delay between switching on the machine and the start of the engine!

Operating Principles




LIFA HC 2500/4000 can be used with a) a bag filter, b) a HEPA filter and c) Pre-filter media. When using all three filters at the same time, an additional d) pre-filter-box for bag filter must be installed as shown

in the picture above.

Check that the exhaust air can flow unhindered and protect the unit from vibration or blows. Ensure that the suction inlet and exhaust outlet are fitted with their protective grilles, in accordance with the regulations. The maximum permitted operating temperature is 40 °C (100 °F).
The machine must always be used with at least the pre-filter, which must be installed as shown in picture c) above. Place the pre-filter between the Fastening piece for HEPA filter / frame for G4 pre-filter (No. 7) and the Connection
stud suction side (No. 8). In addition, LIFA HC2500/4000 can be used with a HEPA and/or a bag filter. For longer lifetime of the HEPA filter, we recommend using the F7 bag filter and the G4 pre-filter. When using all three filter-types in the same unit, an additional pre-filter-box (fig. d), length 31 cm) is required for the F7 bag filter. The pre-filter-box is placed between the vacuum unit and the parts No. 6, 7 and 8, as shown in the picture above. In case a bag filter is not being used, the frame for bag filters (No. 6) must be removed.
Electrical connection
The vacuuming unit has an EC-motor, which is connected to a single-phase (1~) current. The electrical power network has to be earthed.

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