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    We offer marine & offshore cleaning and maintenance services to our commercial and naval customers through our highly experienced and well-trained team leaders and technicians. With early consultation on integrated planning, we ensure optimum scheduling to satisfy our customer’s expectations and meet operational imperatives. In addition to providing value for money services at the forefront of innovation, Emerald provides world-class, worldwide support services that are both dependable and efficient.

    offshore & marine services in Qatar

    Galley Duct Cleaning

    Many fires in galleys have been caused by dirty exhaust ducts, resulting in serious damage to the galley and injury or death of food workers. According to NFPA 96 section 11.4, the volume and type of cooking should determine the frequency of inspection and cleaning of galley ducts. Cleaning includes cleaning the vertical sections of the ductwork, as well as extractor fans and hoods.

    Galley Duct Cleaning
    HVAC Air Duct Cleaning

    Air Duct Cleaning

    Allergies, such as skin rashes, recurrent influenza, and asthma, are common on ships due to poor air quality. Onboard the ships, Emerald Qatar provides indoor air quality testing services. Typically, testing and analysis are carried out in accordance with local and international standards and guidelines. Indoor air tests are performed for both microbiological and — characteristics. Air conditioning systems must be maintained on a regular basis to eliminate the high risk of infection and allergies. For AC system inspection and cleaning, Emerald marine and offshore employs specialist tools like as air whips, rotary brushes, and robotic vehicles fitted with a video camera.

    Water Tank Cleaning 

    Tanks are commonly contaminated with bacteria-carrying silt and scale deposits. Emerald Cleaning Services offers skilled water tank cleaning and disinfection services that are both effective and environmentally safe. Emerald Qatar can also conduct water microbiology and Legionella tests through a third party.


    Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning

    Cleaning carpets and upholstery with a wet or dry system depends on how dirty the carpet or upholstery is, the type of material, and the amount of time available. Ships typically use wet extraction, which is a restorative cleaning method, because they have fewer cleaning slots available than other types of vessels.



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