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Kitchen Duct Cleaning

The build-up of grease within extraction systems is the biggest fire risk hazard within a commercial kitchen. As airborne grease cools through the kitchen duct system it congeals and deposits along with the ducting. This build-up of grease poses a major fire hazard as it is extremely flammable. As a result, it should be removed by a certified professional and kitchen duct cleaning specialist, such as Emerald.

The effects of grease build-up within a kitchen’s extraction system will also affect the performance of the system and will limit the amount of air that it can extract. This grease-filled air will then circulate within the kitchen, creating an unsafe, poorly ventilated kitchen with substandard indoor air quality.

With ten years of experience in the kitchen duct cleaning industry, Emerald Cleaning Services is a one-stop solution for the comprehensive de-greasing and cleaning of all types of kitchen extraction systems, blowers, and ecological units.
Every client will go through a process that includes an inspection to determine the extent of grease contamination, possible duct leakage points, and other fire hazards; cleaning of the extraction system to NFPA 96 standards; and post-project reporting that includes before and after photos of the areas that were cleaned.

Following that, all clients are given a certificate that details the cleaning date, the crew that cleaned the system, and the next cleaning date. This service is compliant with all NFPA 96 requirements.

Why Should I Clean the Kitchen Duct?

  • A high flame either flares up or is created on the stovetop.
  • The flame comes in contact with the filters located in the kitchen hood and they are ignited.
  • With the exhaust fan on drawing in air, the flames are also drawn upward into the ductwork.
  • If sufficient grease residue exists within the ducts, it can act as a source of fuel, carrying the fire further into the exhaust system causing significant damage.



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