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    Emerald specializes in the professional cleaning and restoration of all hard surfaces in both the domestic and commercial markets. Surfaces such as block paved driveways and patios can be cleaned and transformed to look as good as new. Using our specialist unique pressure washing cleaning equipment, we can quickly and effectively remove ingrained dirt, moss, algae, weeds, cement, paint, and oil staining using the power of water!

    Pressure Washing Service in Qatar

    External area Pressure Washing Service in Qatar
    External area Pressure Washing Service in Qatar

    Sometimes regular cleaning just isn’t enough. High-pressure washing is the ideal solution to remove dirt and grime that has built up due to outdoor elements. Emerald Qatar provides pressure washing services for a wide range of outdoor surfaces such as rooftops, garages, concrete driveways, house/apartment exteriors, and commercial building exteriors. 

    Our expertise in high-pressure cleaning also extends to the internal flooring of large establishments and other areas that require pressure cleaning. The use of innovative and superior-quality cleaning equipment enables us to perform a thorough pressure washing service without flooding your property! Emerald Qatar also removes mold and mildew, along with slippery agents like algae and moss that are commonly found on outdoor surfaces. It is our goal to remove all unwanted substances and soil, revealing a clean, new-looking surface once again!

    All-in-One Residential Pressure Washing for Qatar Villas/Homes

    Although many Qatar homeowners like to have their property pressure cleaned during spring cleaning, our services can be booked any time of the year or as and when needed. As a result of adverse weather conditions or infrequent cleaning, outdoor areas can become a complete mess, diminishing the value of your property. The cleaning of these outdoor spaces, such as patios, backyards, exterior walls, and roofs, should be handled by a team of experienced professionals in order to achieve a safe and satisfactory outcome.

    To ensure that all your home cleaning requirements are handled under one roof, Emerald offers clients a comprehensive pressure washing service in Qatar. Whether you’re ready to revamp the appearance of your house to sell it, or de-grime the property for a fresh new look, pressure washing from our team will be able to meet your expectations!


    Frequently Asked Questions

    The technique of pressure washing involves blasting water at an extremely high pressure to remove dirt and grime from hard surfaces using machinery powered by petrol or electricity.

    In most cases, this process is performed only on outside surfaces to prevent damage to sensitive interior surfaces.

    On most days, yes. To be sure, please call our office or send us an email and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

    Absolutely not. Our method is completely safe for outdoor surfaces.

    In most cases, we charge a call-out fee as well as a price per square meter. Please email or phone us for an estimate, and we will try our best to quote your service on the spot. For additional information on the average cost of pressure washing your home, please contact us.

    All of our cleaning services come with a money-back satisfaction guarantee. If you are dissatisfied with the finished result for any reason, we will return and re-clean it at no cost to you. If you’re still unhappy, and there’s a good reason, we’ll give you a full refund.



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