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    Emerald offers you a professional curtain cleaning service. Our professional team will make your curtain hygienic and save you from various allergies. The trained professionals at Emerald Qatar utilize the most advanced technology to clean and restore your curtains.

    Curtain Steam Cleaning from Emerald

    Curtain Steam Cleaning service in Qatar

    Curtains and blinds are essential to house furnishings. It not only beautifies the space, but it also serves as an air filter, capturing dust, mites, odors, and smoke. As a result, if not properly maintained, the curtains can become a dust and grime magnet, triggering asthma and other respiratory disorders. As a result, it is necessary to clean curtains regularly in order to extend their life and improve the interior air quality.

    Emerald Qatar is a professional curtain cleaning company that offers residential cleaning at an affordable rate. We provide both dry and wet curtain cleaning services as per the customer’s requirements.

    Wet curtain cleaning

    To ensure that the curtain does not bleed, a color test will be performed first. The curtain is then thoroughly vacuumed to remove all dust and grime. At this point, if necessary, spot cleaning is performed. After that, the cloth is completely cleansed, and a pre-loosening cleaning agent is applied. After some time has passed, the fabric is cleaned and dried once more.

    As a professional curtain cleaning company, we recommend that the customer inform us of the type of cleaning necessary ahead of time. Dry curtain cleaning is not recommended in homes with pregnant women, children, or anyone with asthma because the process might cause respiratory problems.

    Dry curtain cleaning

    The curtains are first carefully investigated for spots and stains. After that, the curtains are thoroughly vacuumed to remove any loose debris or dust. The spots are then removed with a spotting solution. The curtains are then dry cleaned with a high-quality cleaning solution. This not only cleans the curtain but also gets rid of unwanted odors. This kind of cleaning is advised in homes with adequate airflow to remove the cleaning solution’s odor.

    What are you waiting for? Call us on 4435 2768 and book your curtain cleaning service right away!

    Our Treatment

    • Curtain steam cleaning
    • Curtain dry cleaning
    • Curtain stain removal
    • Curtain mold removal
    • Curtain odour removal
    • Curtain stain protection
    • Onsite and offsite curtain laundry services
    • Curtains rubber back cleaning



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