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    It’s time for your home to get pampered!

    Emerald, the leading chandelier cleaning company, offers a wide range of chandelier cleaning services at a reasonable cost. Chandelier cleaning is a much more comprehensive process than one might think. It’s certainly not just dusting. At Emerald Cleaning, we know what solutions won’t damage fixtures, and how to clean and protect your chandeliers without water jetting or air blowing. Our team of experts offer an outstanding, professional clean to make your chandelier shine even brighter by taking the time to thoroughly clean it. If you’d like this efficient and effective service to make your old chandelier shine like a brand-new one, don’t hesitate to call Emerald Cleaning Services. We can schedule a convenient time for our skilled cleaners to come and give your chandelier a new lease of life.

    Chandeliers are the jewelry of your home. They add sparkle and brilliance and are often a statement piece to admire. Emerald provides you with the best chandelier cleaning service available.

    Professional Chandelier Cleaning Sevices in Qatar

    Professional Chandelier Cleaning Sevices in Qatar

    What happens if you hire a chandelier cleaning company and all they do is spray it with a hand-bottle and walk away, hoping for the best? It will never work! There is a significant difference in chandelier cleaning techniques depending on the type of chandelier itself. However, the similarity is that every chandelier requires a cleaning approach to ensure that it is cleaned safely, thoroughly, and without damage. Your chandeliers deserve a professional chandelier cleaning company. What’s more, our technicians can reach any fixture, even if there is an obstruction beneath it, such as a wide table or a staircase.

    We provide Chandelier Cleaning services for businesses such as:

    • hotels
    • apartment buildings
    • associations
    • business complexes
    • medical facilities
    • schools
    • spa/salons
    • park districts
    • restaurants

    We recommend scheduling a cleaning for your home chandelier if you have:

    • Renovated a room
    • Recently sanded your hardwood floors
    • Just moved into a new home
    • Thought of listing your home for sale
    • Decided that our scheduled maintenance would work best for you

    Chandelier Cleaning and Restoration Experts

    Since 2010, Emerald Cleaning Services has built a reputation for its specialist cleaning and maintenance services. Today, we specialize in chandelier cleaning and restoration as part of our overall cleaning and maintenance services. Our goal is to restore your valuable chandeliers to their former splendor so that they may continue to serve their objective of adding brilliance and flair to your home. Emerald Cleaning Services is a reputable and insured cleaning company serving clients across Qatar. Our team consists of skilled chandelier cleaners who are all uniformed employees. They are all well-versed with the skills and knowledge required to provide high-quality and dependable chandelier cleaning services using both detailed machinery and manual approaches. We also take pride in giving back to the environment by only using eco-friendly cleaning solutions, rather than the harsh chemical solutions commonly found in hardware stores and supermarkets.



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