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Air filter Cleaning & Maintenance

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HVAC Air filter Cleaning

Air filter Cleaning & Maintenance

Service & Maintenance of air filters need to be part of your maintenance schedules. The air filter ensures that the air entering the space chamber is as clean as possible. The consequence of contaminated air causes serious health issues caused by microbial particles and a less efficient filtration process.

Regular air filter maintenance has the following advantages:

  • Improved performance – clogged filters can have a significant, detrimental effect on how your air flows, reducing the efficiency of AC unit.
  • Improved Indoor Air Quality failing to maintain your air filter will cause a serious health issues and skin allergies.
  • Prolonged Performance of AC unit – the air filter traps the dirt and other debris that can cause backdraft in the Units. The actual size of the debris might be quite small but even those as small as a grain of sand can significantly block the air flow, with the potential for blockade to air flow it will lower the efficiency of units and air quality.




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